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Wealth of
Your Health

Wellness indicates all bodily systems are working in harmony for your benefit

A Personalized Nutrition Roadmap
Will Transform How You Feel and Perform

  • 1 Address fatigue and brain fog
  • 2 Enhance your appearance
  • 3 Address or reverse health conditions
  • 4 Settle digestive concerns
  • 5 Prevent disease and illness
  • 6 Improve your immunity
  • 1 Eliminate bad habits and health misconceptions
  • 2 Incorporate lifestyle changes with amazing benefits
  • 3 Learn traveling techniques that support your health
  • 4 Implement living well and longevity protocols

Fits Your Goals


Concierge service means that our services are highly personalized and customized to your life and health goals.

Find health strategies to help you live the life you love:

Assess your nutritional status


Optimize your nutrition


Maximize your nutrition


Restore your vitality


Learn about our wide range of packages and services for you and your family

What you get

  • 1 Guidance and ongoing support to reach your goals
  • 2 Uncover root causes of your health concerns
  • 3 Implement preventative and longevity strategies
  • 4 Learn to listen to your body’s cues
  • 5 Understand the genetic influence on your health
  • 6 Get expert guidance to effectively leverage supplements

Services include

  • 1 In depth initial health assessment
  • 2 Health road map — outlining recommendations and protocols
  • 3 Advanced functional nutrition and micronutrient lab testing
  • 4 Convenient meal planning tools to support lifestyle change
  • 5 Access to professional-grade supplements and glucose monitoring resources

Let’s connect and see what will work best for you.

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

“[Karen has] such a gift for making complex information more accessible for us lay people - without ever making us feel foolish. I appreciate her time and all of her recommendations.”

— Sharon G.

“I know how much I’ve learned from Karen and how very very important everything she teaches is, and I love to share this with others. If there is just one thing that I can share that can help someone else be even just a bit healthier, I consider it a victory. I thank her so much for everything she has brought to me.”

— Madelyn L.

Set up your day for maximum energy!

  • Learn how to start your day
  • Find power-packed snacks
  • Rethink dietary fats

Our health begins with our daily choices – and we want to help you focus on the things that really make a difference. Sign up to download our free quick reference to optimizing your mind and body.

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Fits Your Life


Virtual Ease
  • 1 Easy and flexible
  • 2 Available even when
  • 3 No cumbersome forms - Just what's needed to create your best lifestyle plan
  • 1 Science informed
  • 2 Holistic and integrative
  • 3 Mindful empowerment
Tech-Enabled Health
  • 1 Health + wellness apps
  • 2 Progress monitoring
  • 3 Personalized meal
    planning app
Advanced Insights
  • 1 Based on modern
  • 2 Recipes and meal
  • 3 Targeted supplement recommendations
  • 4 Aging well protocols
Karen Raden, MS RD CCN, works with a select number of highly motivated clients

“You want to look and feel great while doing what you do best — whether that’s playing a sport, leading a company, or caring for your family. I believe your nutrition holds the key. We leverage advanced research and help you apply it to your unique body and health goals. By limiting the number of families we support you will get the ultimate personalized care.”


Greater health starts here.

Master the Skills you Need to Transform your Health

Research shows that every good nutrition plan requires some cooking. Our Concierge Kitchen course is here to help you hone your skills and explore new techniques that will have you meeting your health goals with ease.

Benefits of this premium resource:
  • 12 virtual and self-paced lessons to fit your busy lifestyle
  • Cooking demonstrations to illustrate lessons
  • Access to 1,000s of recipes
  • No previous cooking skills required
Concierge Kitchen - a premium nutrition and cooking skills course from Karen Raden, MS RD CCN

Frequently Asked Questions

We will collaborate with your physician to best support you. Our team is happy to work in tandem with your medical service providers. Functional nutrition is just one piece in the big picture of your health. Therefore, we are experienced at fitting dietary guidance into the rest of your healthcare strategies.

Depending on your location, we can customize your plan so that we can meet in your home or office to conduct face-to-face visits for part or all of your plan.

The Concierge RD team has in-depth knowledge about supplementation effectiveness and contraindications. We also have a whole-food-first approach, but believe that supplements play an important role in restoring and rebalancing the body in the face of symptoms or health concerns.

Our advanced offering eliminates the difficulties associated with multiple supplement usage.

You will always be able to get an appointment using our convenient online scheduling modules.

Our top priority is offering best-in-class concierge services to our clients. To ensure this is the case, we have determined the maximum number of clients that allow us to provide truly personable and accessible services.

Functional nutrition, a foundation of functional medicine, is a dietetic approach that focuses on optimizing how our bodies function – all the way down to the smallest cell.

By learning how to properly nourish our bodies with the right foods, we can address the root causes of health problems and maximize our physical and mental performance.

Each person is unique – and so are our individual plans. We listen to your needs to provide a detailed roadmap for your health. Everything is tailored, from your eating schedule to your recipes, kitchen needs, convenience foods, and more. This is your guide to success.

Fees for testing are based on individual tests, some of which may be covered by your medical insurance. Some options for functional testing include:

Digestive Wellness Profile – For those with chronic digestive disorders such as reflux, diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating, IBD and/or IBS. Your health starts in your gut, and this test helps us get to the root of your digestive issues.

Nutritional Wellness Profile – For clients who want more objective information about their health through nutritional assessment of their blood chemistry.

Adrenal Stress Index – For those who feel like they have elevated cortisol and stress levels are wreaking havoc on their weight loss and energy.

Food Sensitivity Testing – For clients who experience a myriad of health related symptoms and wish to identify underlying food sensitivities.

Athletic Performance Testing – These tests explore core nutrients in five key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids and Minerals.